As Mynet, we have adopted providing our registered users and all users who are members of MYNET ÇANAK OKEY application with a more secured internet environment as a principle.

This privacy policy shall be applied to all data that you submit through the website at or by other means to Çanak Okey application (“to Us”) and that we store electronically. This privacy policy shall be applied to all of the personal data obtained in the course of your use of the website

Your personal data shall not be distributed to other organizations and shall not be used for the purpose of advertising, publicity or marketing except for the conditions that are stated under the User Agreement.

The membership data and personal data that you submit to Mynet shall not be revealed to other members and third parties without your approval, except for the conditions stated under the User Agreement. However this data may be used for in-app player rankings(aka Leaderboard) and statistical purposes within the website and shared with our analytics vendors.

You may "opt out" of the collection of your information for third party analytics purposes by following the directions provided by our third party analytics vendor located at If you “opt out” with our third party analytics provider, that action is specific to the information we collect specifically for that provider, and does not limit our ability to collect information from you, under the terms of this privacy policy, for other vendors.

The data that you submit to the system will be accessible solely for you except Mynet and this information may be altered solely by you. Third parties cannot reach and alter this data without permission.

The data that you submit to the system may be shared upon request by the authorized public institutions and courts in accordance with the laws and regulations of Turkish Republic.